Maintaining Pet Soiled Travertine Kitchen Tiles in Lincoln

Travertine is a lovely beige and brown stone that looks fantastic when it’s first laid but needs work to maintain the appearance. This was exactly the problem my customer who lives near the historic Cathedral City of Lincoln had experienced. The sealer on their Travertine Kitchen floor was becoming worn in the more commonly used parts of the floor letting dirt become ingrained into the pores of the stone and the grout was also becoming darker where it was getting dirty. They also had pets that spent a lot of time in the Kitchen which didn’t help and there were also small holes in the Travertine that were trapping dirt and would need filling.

Travertine Kitchen Floor Before Cleaning Lincoln

Cleaning and Burnishing a Travertine Tiled Floor

To deep clean the stone and grout I applied a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean, left it to soak in for ten minutes and then worked it into the floor using a scrubbing pad fitted to a rotary floor machine. Pro-Clean is a strong reliable alkaline product which is safe to use on stone and grout including Travertine and Limestone.

Travertine Kitchen Floor Before Cleaning Lincoln

I also ran a stiff grout brush along the edges of the floor and especially along the grout lines to get the grout as clean as possible; the scrubbing pad struggles to reach into the recesses of the grout so it’s best to do this by hand. The now dirty cleaning solution was extracted from the floor using a wet vacuum and rinsed with water to ensure the tile and grout was now clean and any stubborn stains spot treated.

Travertine Kitchen Floor During Cleaning Lincoln

After the deep clean we filled the holes as required using flexible filler which gives a really smooth look to the flooring. We then left our turbo dryer system on overnight to thoroughly dry out the floor before returning to seal the tiles on day two.

Sealing a Travertine Tiled Floor

The next day I returned to the property and proceeded to seal the Travertine tiles using two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow sealer to protect the tiles and also really enhance the natural colours in the stone. As an impregnating sealer, Colour Grow penetrates into the stone and fills its pores to safeguard it against ingrained dirt and stains from within.

Travertine Kitchen Floor After Cleaning Lincoln

As you can see from the photographs, the combination of a deep clean, high quality polish and fresh seal really transformed the appearance of the floor from dull and lifeless to a really asset to the kitchen. The customer was so happy with the results she has booked us in to carry out the same work to other flooring in the property.

Travertine Kitchen Floor After Cleaning and Sealing Lincoln

Source: Travertine Floor Cleaning and Sealing Service in Lincolnshire

Deep Cleaning Travertine Tiles

Another Tumbled Travertine kitchen floor, this time in Teddington and much dirtier than the previous post. The grout was badly stained and dirt had built up in the pores of the tile causing it to go black and very un-appealing. Normally a sealer would stop this from happening and I suspect these tiles had either never been sealed or the sealer had worn off some time before.

Tumbled Travertine Before Cleaning in Teddington Tumbled Travertine Before Cleaning in Teddington

Cleaning Tumbled Travertine Tiles

The tiles were in need of a seriously deep clean so decided to clean it using a 50/50 dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean and NanoTech Ultra Clean which adds tiny abrasive particles into an already powerful cleaning agent. This was left to soak into the floor for twenty minutes before being scrubbed in with a using a rotary machine fitted with a scrubbing pad. The combination worked and the soiled cleaning solution was black with dirt which was washed off using clean water and a wet vacuum. This action was repeated until I was happy with the condition of the tiles; during the second clean a stiff brush was used along the grout lines to get them clean. The last step was to give the floor a thorough rinse to remove any trace of cleaning product before sealing.

Tumbled Travertine After Cleaning in Teddington

Sealing Tumbled Travertine Tiles

The floor was then left for 24 hours to allow the floor to dry and when I returned I checked the floor was dry with a damp meter to double check before sealing it with two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is an impregnating sealer which fills the pores of the travertine so dirt cannot become trapped and is easily cleaned off the surface.

Tumbled Travertine After Cleaning in Teddington

Source: Cleaning Dirty Travertine Tiles in South-Middlesex