Renovating Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Flooring near Bedford

Travertine floor tiles are very appealing but without the protection of a sealer they will soon suffer, fortunately this can be remedied as demonstrated in these pictures of a Tumbled Travertine floor at a house in the Village of Clophill in the Flit River Valley South of Bedford.

This customer had called me out as her ten year old floor was looking very sorry for itself and she was concerned that a lot of holes were appearing which was making cleaning of the floor difficult as dirt was getting trapped in the holes. I went over and carried out a test clean on two separate tiles in the kitchen and the customer was amazed at how clean they came up and especially the grout. An appointment was made for the next month and work commenced.

Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor Before Cleaning Clophill Village

Cleaning a stained Tumbled Travertine tiled floor

The first thing we do is to protect the lovely Oak kitchen units by removing plinths, covering base units and appliances with a protective film. We then commenced work by burnishing the stone with a set of Tile Doctor Diamond encrusted burnishing pads. The pads are applied individually to each tile in sequence starting with a coarse pad and finishing with the fine pad which brings up the polish. A little waster is used to lubricate the process along the way and the floor is rinsed in-between each pad with the resulting residue extracted from the floor using a wet vacuum. The process takes quite some time but the results are well worth the effort.

Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor Before Cleaning Clophill Village Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor Before Cleaning Clophill Village

Once this was done our attention was turned to the grout which being recessed is difficult to reach by with pads. So for the grout a medium dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean is applied to the grout lines and scrubbed in with stiff brushes by hand.

The floor was rinsed again and fans were used to assist drying before filling the holes with the same filler the customer had used previously to match the colour of the stone as much as possible.

Sealing a Travertine tiled floor

When we returned the next day the floor had dried and we were able to give the floor a final polish with a very fine burnishing pad. The floor was then sealed with two coats of Tile Doctor Ultra Seal which provides excellent protection without changing the colour of the stone to provide a natural look.

Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor After Cleaning Clophill Village

My customer was delighted with the results and kindly left the following testimonial on the Tile Doctor Feedback system.

“We had several rooms of very dirty travertine tiles that were deep cleaned, filled and re sealed. The floor now looks amazing. Fantastic job by a professional and friendly team.”

Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor After Cleaning Clophill Village Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Floor After Cleaning Clophill Village

Source: Travertine Tile Cleaning and Renovation Service in Bedfordshire

Cleaning Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Tiles

This Tumbled Travertine kitchen floor in Twickenham, Middlesex was in need of a deep clean including stripping out the old sealer and re-sealing to ensure easy maintenance in the future. The floor had not been professionally cleaned and re-sealed for over 10 years and being in a high traffic area, the tiles had accumulated a high amount of soil over the years. There were also holes in the Travertine where the filler had broken out.

Tumbled Travertine in Twickenham Before Cleaning Tumbled Travertine in Twickenham Before Cleaning

Cleaning Tumbled Travertine Tiles

The first job was to scrub a concentrated solution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean in to the floor using a rotary machine fitted with a scrubbing pad; unlike some acidic cleaners Pro-Clean is a powerful alkaline cleaner that is safe to use on tile and stone. This broke down the soil and released it along with the remaining old sealer which was then pressure rinsed to ensure all of the dirt was removed from the pores. Following the cleaning, I then filled the holes that were visible with flexible filler.

Sealing Tumbled Travertine Tiles

The floor was then left fir 24 hours to allow the floor to dry and then sealed by applying two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow. This is an impregnating sealer which will repel liquid and soil going forward making it easier to maintain.

Tumbled Travertine in Twickenham After Cleaning Tumbled Travertine in Twickenham After Cleaning

Hopefully you can appreciate from the pictures the difference this has made to the floor; if you live in the Middlesex area and need help with your stone, tile or grout please ask us to pop round for a free quote.
Source: Travertine tile maintenance in Middlesex